At Royal Lacrosse, it is our priority to build well rounded athletes that will allow us to connect their passion for lacrosse with their individual skill set and talents.
The main objective of Royal Lacrosse Skill Development Clinics is to increase a player’s overall fundamentals, agility, knowledge and understanding of the game. Through emphasis on strong foundation we will create a balanced athlete, which will increase confidence, self-esteem and ultimately success. 

Our clinics are unique in that we address proper body mechanics through footwork, body control and movement drills. Along with our fundamentals and agility, we spend a great deal of time heightening our players Lax IQ and field awareness.  We encourage our players to ask questions if they don’t understand concepts, which ultimately reassures us that they want to learn and increase their knowledge of the game.  By the end of our clinics, we will expose individual players talent and show them how to best utilize these talents on the field.

·        Stick Handling & Protection
·        Ball Movement & Communication
·        OTR Shooting, Time & Room Shooting 
·        Dodging and 1v1 Defense
·        Offensive & Defensive 2v2 Strategies 
·        Offensive & Defensive Strategy in unsettled situations
·        Crease Play and Off-Ball movement
·        Ground Ball Technique
·        Offensive/Defensive Footwork & Positioning  
·        Agility & Speed Training
·        Off Season training & practice tips
·        And so much more!
WHERE: St. Mark's School, 25 Marlboro Road, Southborough, MA (just off of rt. 9) 
WHEN: Sundays 
6:30 - 8:00p Grades 2 - 4 (Further development of basic skills and lacrosse IQ) 
6:30 - 8:00p Grades 5 - 6 (Further development of basic skills and lacrosse IQ, progressing into game like situation) 
8:00 - 9:30p Grades 7 - 8 (Further development of lacrosse IQ, with a strong focus on game like situations rather then basic skills and drills) 
8:00-9:30p Grades 9 - 12 (Strong focus on game like situations that will prepare the student-athlete for advancing at the high school level and beyond)