At Royal Lacrosse, it is our priority to build well rounded athletes that will allow us to connect their passion for lacrosse with their individual skill set and talents.

Speed, Strength & Agility Training 

Royal Lacrosse Training  Program focuses on training the core. The core is made up of all of the muscles attached to the hip, which are the base for an athlete’s bio-motor abilities, such as; strength, conditioning, power, speed, agility, coordination and flexibility. The emphasis is on building a strong stable core as the foundation for improving your overall ability to perform.

Speed/ Agility/ Coordination:
  • Develop acceleration and deceleration speed for tracking down loose balls
  • Expand your Linear/Lateral/Diagonal mobility to improve your ability to cut quicker and change direction faster for better man coverage
  • Improve footwork and stick handling techniques
Strength/ Power: 
  • Become a more explosive, dynamic player
  • Increase your ability to win loose ball battles all over the field
  • Increase your shot’s velocity
  • Strengthen your chucking skills
  • Improve your field presence
  • Lengthen your playing time by improving your conditioning and endurance
  • Outlast your opponents and teammates
  • Increase your ability to recover cardiovascularly between shifts on the field
  • Fend off fatigue in the latter shifts/periods of the game
Flexibility/ Mobility:
  • Improve your range of motion in your shot and dodge skills
  • Improve your mobility and flexibility to produce a more efficient running stride
  • Reduce the likelihood of on field injuries that could impact your season