At Royal Lacrosse, it is our priority to build well rounded athletes that will allow us to connect their passion for lacrosse with their individual skill set and talents.


Royal Lacrosse Clinics

The main objective of Royal Lacrosse Skills Development Clinics is to increase a player’s overall fundamentals, agility, knowledge and understanding of the game. Through emphasis on strong foundation we will create a balanced athlete, which will increase confidence, self-esteem and ultimately success.

Our clinics are unique in that we address proper body mechanics through footwork, body control and movement drills.  Along with our fundamentals and agility, we spend a great deal of time hightening our players Lax IQ and field awareness.  We encourage our players to ask questions if they don’t understand concepts, which ultimately reassures us that they want to learn and increase their knowledge of the game.  By the end of our clinics, we will expose individual players talent and show them how to best utilize these talents on the field.


 Skill Development Clinics are held  at the St. Mark's School in Southboro,

Total Athletic Performace in Acton &  The Edge Sports Center in Bedford.

The Royal Lacrosse Skills Development Clinic offers players of all levels the opportunity to be better prepared to apply proper fundamentals and advanced techniques during the long indoor season in preparation for the spring season.  This 4 day program incorporates fundamental skills training, athletic and agility training with dynamic drills guaranteed to challenge all levels of play. Beginners have the unique opportunity to learn proper techniques and secure their fundamental skills prior to the start of the winter & spring season.Intermediate and advanced players will be challenged according to their ability and conditioning level by our top coaches.Whether beginner or advanced, your players will be trained by top professional coaches and players who offer advanced training technique and unique perspective on the game that you cannot get anywhere else.